Kayaking & Rafting in Alaska

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With an astounding twelve thousand rivers and three million lakes that total more than 40 percent of the nation’s surface-water resources, Alaska's options for paddle sports are, in a word, infinite. The following Alaska kayaking, whitewater rafting and float tour operators are experts at getting you on the water and guiding you through the state's wet and wild wonderland. And with many of them, you can customize your Alaska raft or kayak trip by adding a day of fishing, a day hike or a bike tour.

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내륙 지역 (3)

Denali Outdoor Center

Denali Raft Adventures, Inc.

Raft Denali with Nenana Raft Adventures

내수로 지역 (3)

Southeast Sea Kayaks

Leonard's Landing Lodge

Spirit Walker Expeditions of Alaska

중남부 (7)

Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking

Copper Oar Rafting

Chugach Outdoor Center

Chugach Adventures

Alaska Rivers Company

Kenai River Trips

Lazy Otter Charters Inc.