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Gastineau Guiding Co.

Get more from your tour experience on this small group, fully guided citizen science adventure. Play an active role in ongoing data collection projects for local University and regional science programs, all the while enjoying eye-to-eye wildlife viewing aboard our custom safari vessels. With the help of your Certified Interpretive guide, connect with the waterways of Southeast Alaska through hands on activities as you discover the world of the Humpback whale. In addition to an amazing tour experience, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing your efforts made a contribution towards safeguarding and deepening our understanding of the delicate marine environments of Southeast Alaska. Step into Alaska with Gastineau Guiding for an insightful and genuine tour experience.

1330 Eastaugh Way, Suite 2
Juneau, AK 99801

전화번호: 907-586-8231
팩스: 907-586-3990

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  • 서비스: 어드벤처 및 에코투어 액티비티
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