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Denali Air

Fly with the original flightseeing company in Denali for your best odds of seeing The Mountain "face to face." Passengers on this flight see more of Denali, more often than anyone else. Your highly experienced pilots possess the skills and knowledge to take advantage of our unique airstrip location just outside the road entrance into Denali NP. 99% of the flight is within the Park, giving you a comprehensive tour of this unique and stunning landscape. Soar amongst the jagged mountaintops and over tumbling glaciers on a stunning 200-mile flight to get within ½ mile and circle Denali (weather permitting). This breathtaking flight will give you access to a remote corner of Alaska famous for its wild and majestic beauty. The highlight of your Alaskan vacation begins with Denali Air!

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Mile 229.5 George Parks Highway
Denali National Park, AK 99755

전화번호: (907) 683-2261
팩스: (907) 683-1347

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  • 지역: 내륙 지역
  • 공원 Denali National Park and Preserve
  • 서비스: 비행관광