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Wrangell Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wrangell is the third oldest community in Alaska, rich in history and cultural offerings. It is the only community in the State to be governed by 4 nations - Stikine Tlingit nation, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. The Wrangell Museum, recognized as one of the finest museums in the Alaska, successfully tells the story of the area and the cultural influences on the community. Today, you can walk down main street to see the historic false fronted buildings of the gold rush era, see beautifully carved Totems, plus a carving shed. Visit Chief Shakes Tribal House, a historic monument, providing insight into the Tlingit way of Life, and witness story telling and dancing. Don’t miss a walk along petroglyph beach and discover rock carvings, estimated to be 8000 years old.

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296 Campbell Drive
Wrangell, AK 99929

전화번호: 907-874-2381
팩스: 907-874-3952

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  • 영업실적 확대 방안 1
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