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Wings Airways / Taku Glacier Lodge

Seaplane access into the true wild Alaska! The Best Glacier Flightseeing Adventure & Day Tours in Juneau, Alaska! See the Grandeur of the Juneau Icefield from your own window seat on an Alaskan Float Plane Tour! Tours include the most flightseeing time, viewing the most amount of glaciers on the massive Juneau Icefield! Visit the exclusive Taku Lodge and experience rustically elegant wilderness, a freshly grilled Salmon feast, possible bear sightings and the true serene Alaska. Highly recommended on Trip Advisor! Two ways to experience it all: 1) Taku Glacier Lodge Fight & 5-Glacier Seaplane - 3 hour 1) Five Glacier Seaplane Exploration - 1 hour. Conveniently located on the historic downtown Juneau waterfront! Come see Alaska by air with our Alaskan bush pilots!

2 Marine Way, Suite 175
Juneau, AK 99801

전화번호: 907-586-6275
팩스: 907-586-6276

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