Visit Historic Dyea

The once-bustling town of Dyea is now cherished for its quiet beauty by locals and visitors alike. Interestingly, Dyea’s history as a settlement is much older than its rival Gold Rush city, Skagway. At the foot of the Chilkoot Trail, Dyea was established by local Tlingits several centuries ago as a summer camp. The first documented non-Alaska Native man to visit had the permission of the Tlingits in 1874 to cross the Chilkoot Pass and enter Dyea.

By 1897, the city was filling with gold seekers and flourished to approximately 10,000 people. But as quickly as it boomed, Dyea suddenly dwindled, and almost disappeared completely due to a fatal avalanche. When construction of the railroad ended in Skagway, Dyea almost became completely deserted. Now, Dyea is connected to Skagway by an 8-mile coastal road and is popular for off-the-beaten-path recreation. Book a tour and explore Dyea for the day.

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This railway is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.


Roses might not be the top crop, but Skagway is known as the “Garden City of Alaska.”


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