Experience the Wildlife

The UAF Large Animal Research Station is home to musk oxen, reindeer and cattle. Once extinct in Alaska, 4,000 musk oxen now thrive throughout the Last Frontier. Researchers study the prehistoric creatures and learn how they survived the Ice Age. They’ve found that qiviut, or musk ox undercoat, keeps the animals warm and was historically spun by Alaska Natives for blankets and clothing. Visit the giftshop to purchase qiviut yarn and see how warm it is. To go for a stroll with some of Alaska’s most iconic animals, stop by Running Reindeer Ranch. The family-owned ranch offers reindeer walks through the scenic boreal forests, complete with photo stops, cookies and hot cocoa. From Fountainhead Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary, leisurely hikes travel past beaver huts and photography blinds along the Taiga and Wander Lake Trails. Sit back and watch as 15 mammals, including beavers, fox and moose, and more than 100 species of birds scamper throughout the sanctuary. Another birdwatching hot spot in town is Creamer’s Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. Just two miles from downtown, 60 species of birds can be spotted in the refuge.

See More Attractions

Watch the aurora borealis dance across the sky in Fairbanks.


Warm up in the naturally heated mineral waters of Rock Lake.


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