Chase the Northern Lights

Known as the northern lights or polar lights, the aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon caused by collisions of electrically-charged particles. The result is vibrant lights of yellow, red, green, blue and violet dancing across the dark Alaska skies. Because of its location under an auroral oval, Fairbanks is one of the world’s best places to watch the aurora borealis light up the night. The dancing lights can appear on any dark, clear night in Alaska although the prime aurora season is from mid-August to mid-April. For the best views, venture away from city lights to Creamer’s Field, Cleary Summit or other aurora hot spots. Guided northern lights tours take travelers by bus, plane, snowmobile and even dog sleds to the best viewing spots. Check Explore Fairbanks’ Aurora Tracker to see the forecast and pack a camera or take an aurora photography class to remember the epic experience.

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